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Chef ~ Grill Master~Caterer

Why do people call you Papa?

Since I was thirteen I've had gray hair. It caused me to look older than what I was, so  people started calling me "Papa".


How did you come up with the name Papa Sauce?
I've been making my own bbq sauce since high school, so some affectionately started calling me "Sauce." Eventually people put the two nicknames together and started calling me "Papa Sauce".


Where did your love of food start?
I started cooking at the young age of seven.  My cousin Mabel and I would often be seen in my grandma's kitchen frying pork chops and chicken. That started my love for cooking.

Who are your influences?
I was inspired by my Grandma Bessie who owned a soulfood restaurant (J&B's) when I was around nine. I would spend hours in the kitchen watching her cook. At the age of twelve I started visiting my Uncle Dave (McMillon's BBQ) during summers. I worked inside the restaurant and eventually started grilling in the pit.  I also worked with my Uncle Wilbow (Wilbow's BBQ) at his restaurant.  He taught me how to make a mean burger. I can't forget my great Aunt Lucille (Nanny). She taught me how to cook collard greens, gravy, stew beef, any anything smothered.  

Do you cook at home?
Yes, I'm known to make gourmet dishes to impress the Mrs. My wife cooks also.  Her dishes are more on the healthier side. We balance each other. She even convinced me to try  the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles a couple times. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

If you weren't in the restaurant business, what do you think you'd be doing? 
I would love to be an instructor teaching young children culinary arts. I use to teach a culinary class at Deerfield Beach High School and I sometimes miss it. 

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